Today is going to be a fun day


So, I’m all caught up on my regular work, far too many people are on holiday and Revelation Software have just uploaded a nice present to my FTP site.  As I write this email, the brand new OI10 beta software (an advanced copy) is being downloaded to my machine and I’ve cleared my workload to spend the next few hours playing with it before RevUS opens.

What a great way to start a Monday morning :D.

Call for OI 9.4 Beta Testers

As Revelation finish their internal testing of OpenInsight 9.4, the organisation would like to make an invitation for beta testers to any member of the WORKS Subscription program.

If you are a current WORKS subscriber and you would like to get your hands on the beta software, please contact Revelation Software in the US to register your interest.

I will be blogging the complete readme file at the time of the commercial launch, but in the meantime OpenInsight 9.4 includes enhancements and fixes in some of the following categories:

  • Improved the capability to print program listings with keywords colorized.
  • Improvements to the MVBFS connector.
  • Improvements to the Arev32 conversion process.
  • Includes O4W v. 1.5.

Please also remember that development continues at a cracking pace on OpenInsight 10 and you can get details of all the latest developments and innovations on the dedicated OpenInsight 10 blog.