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One of the benefits of events like the one that we are holding, is the little nuggets of information that are shared.  From a coffee break discussion, Carl has just shared a code change using square brackets and something to do with binary positions (he lost me) which is a coding technique that Revelation have now fully adopted in the coding of OI10.

This technique appears to have been missed by most people, but Sprezzatura has a blog posting on the change and I would recommend anyone wishing to gain better performance in their systems and who are running :

  • As was pointed out in a recent post the performance of the “[]” string operators in UTF8 mode is pretty poor. In fact it’s downright painful – If you’ve not seen the effects before go and create yourself a UTF8 application and then try compiling a program. The speed drop you see is due to the system pre-compiler (REV_COMPILER_EXPAND) making heavy use of the “[]” operators during the compilation process in a manner similar to this:

Click here to see the rest of the blog posting.

This week has seen Mike over from the US for our annual get together with some of our VARs from around the UK and Europe.  Much of Tuesday was given over to Mike to talk about where Revelation is currently and the future plans for the company and OpenInsight more specifically.

It will be no surprise to learn that everything is going into the OI10 release at the moment and the toolset has come a long way since I last saw it in Houston earlier this year.  There is still a fair amount to do before we will get our hands on a beta, but it is definitely looking good.

Mike also took the opportunity to talk a little about mobile computing and Revelation will continue to support these devices and environments.  There is a real mix of OpenInsight versions being used in the room, from back to 7.2.2 and right up to 9.4.  However, I was still surprised to find that most of the guys are still running and developing desktop based systems, with little being done on the web and mobile.  We are often behind the US, so I can see the move to mobile happening very soon and I know that we’ll get busy with O4W and OECGI help requests.

We now have some big names using O4W based systems and I learned of yet another big internet name which we hope to be adding to the list shortly.  Working with our VAR and these big names has led to better support for all manner of things, including single sign on, encryption and heavy penetration testing has resulted in a secure and very stable product.  With the design enhancements in O4W’s forms designer, things will take another big jump in OI10.

Wednesday and today have been given over to getting much more into the innovations and enhancements.  These seem even more wide ranging than I remember from the main conference and I am really pleased to be hosting this event to better prepare the attendees of the OI10 Product Awareness Training.  I hesitated earlier this year because we are still a little way off of a beta but we have learned a lot, people are more aware and prepared and I already have had discussions with a few of the guys who have projects lined up for OI10.

There really is a huge amount of benefits for both developers and end users and I would recommend that OpenInsight developers try to get along to similar events that Mike might hold over the coming weeks and months leading up to conference.  These events are a massive opportunity to discuss your needs and problems with the toolset and we already have a growing list of things that the attendees would like in OI10 and some will be pushed to 10.1.  Thank you to everyone here this week for your ideas and useful comments on the forthcoming version.

For us here in Europe, our next opportunity to learn more about OI10, will be the main Revelation conference early in 2016 or when the beta software is finally released.

All I can say is the wait will be well worth it.

OI10 Panels and Relationships

As someone that likes user interfaces to look nice, I am loving the new support for panels in OpenInsight 10.  Carl has just explained how they are used in the new IDE and how a group of controls can be grouped onto panels with proper parent child relationships.  Better still, he’s showed how a form with three controls (static, toolbar and single panel) can be used to drive a dynamic user interface that is really smart.

Earlier Mike discussed the conversion process, what is involved and details about how the tables are optimised ‘IF’ you decide to take the copy option.  As usual with OpenInsight, as a developer, you remain in control and we have options for you during the conversion process.  More useful OI10 insights for the attendees.

I think that I’ll be spending quite some time working through the accompanying course paperwork that Mike has written specifically for the course.  Sitting at the back of the room, I see a couple of attendees with the doc already open on their screens,

There is even more to OI10 than I remembered and I’ll be looking at putting some videos together when I get my hands on the beta.

Revelation Software are so pleased with the features and benefits of the Universal Driver 5.0 that we are going to make it available for use with OpenInsight 9.4 in October 2015!   Existing users of the Universal Driver 4.7 can upgrade to the Universal Driver 5.0 and customers who are not upgrading, can purchase the UD 5.0 as normal.  If you are in the EMEA region, please email with your current version and serial number for the cost of your upgrade.

As with the current Universal Driver 4.7 for OpenInsight version 9.x, the UD 5.0 will be included free of charge with the purchase of new OpenInsight 10 licenses.

Features and Benefits

  • Latest Communication Technology
    The Universal Driver 5.0 utilizes the latest communication libraries to provide robust, reliable service between the UD server and its clients.
  • Secure communications option
    If desired, the communications channel between the UD server and its clients can be SSL encrypted, preventing unauthorized interception of sensitive information.
  • Authenticated clients option – If desired, only explicitly authorized client software can connect to the UD server over a secure SSL channel.
  • Connection Retry
    If the communication link between the client and server is temporarily lost, and then restored, the client will attempt to reconnect and resume normal operations.
  • VSS friendly
    The UD 5.0 is VSS (Volume Snapshot Service) aware and can thus be backed up with minimal disruption to normal operations.  

OI10 gains attention online

OI10whitePartners at Database Trends and Applications have picked up on the forthcoming OpenInsight 10 release with a posting about the new Presentation Server and From Designer.

I received the email bulletin overnight which links to

It is good to see that the interest in this major release is gaining momentum this early in the development cycle.

For more information about OpenInsight 10, please check out or contact Martyn about taking one of the last couple of places on this months RUG or OI 10 awareness training.

UD 5.0


For me, one of the many highlights of the recent 2015 Revelation Conference in the USA, was the presentations relating to the wonderful improvements to the Universal Driver 5.0.  I had expected to hear a lot about the interface and API changes, but this one came as a very welcome surprise for me.

SRP have just released a new blog article which takes a look at the forthcoming benefits of the new Universal Driver version 5.0 and it is well worth a read for anyone working with an OpenInsight based system and especially those of you planning a move to OpenInsight 10 at some point.

You can view their posting here.

How to create an O4W dialog box using local pagination
If you are building a dialog box or using an existing popup in O4W with a high record count, you may want to consider building each page of the dialog box locally.  This will save on the time it takes the browser to build the dialog box because it will only need to build one page at a time.  The way it works is, you set the default paginator on the O4W Configuration screen to one of the local paginator choices or alternatively, you set the ‘overridePage’ parameter in the O4WTablePagerOptions API to ‘O4WI_TABLEPAGERLOCAL’.  Setting this flag will send an event to your O4W program when the next/previous arrows are clicked as well as any time a column is clicked that is set for sorting.

This post originally appeared in Revelation Software’s monthly newsletter dated 16/06/15.  Click here for the rest of this article.

Giorgio Bonuccelli, Marketing Director of Parallels has published an article titled Maximize your Remote Desktop Services that we at Revelation Software find extremely informative when deploying an OpenInsight application over a Wide Area Network (WAN).

An Overview of Remote Desktop Services
Virtualization has added facets to information technology. Today, businesses look not only at optimizing business resources, but also at management of when, where and how data are accessed. Remote networks are among the aspects of IT that need attention. Nowadays, remote desktop services (RDS) allow businesses to deliver secure remote services to end users effectively.

What are Remote Desktop Services?
RDS is a component of the Windows Server operating system, and was formerly known as terminal services in Windows Server 2008 and earlier versions. It enables users to remotely access a computer or a virtual machine on a network. With RDS, any computer that supports remote desktop protocol can remotely access the full desktop and Windows software. Windows NT 4.0 first featured RDS in the form of terminal services, which improved with every new version of Windows Server OS. Microsoft added advanced remote desktop features to terminal services and changed the name to Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2008 R2 edition and Windows Server 2012. Today, users can take advantage of RDS to access corporate networks from the comfort of their homes.

This post originally appeared in Revelation Software’s monthly newsletter dated 16/06/15.  Click here for the rest of this article.

O4W10New to OpenInsight 10 will be a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG Form Designer.

This will enable website authors and developers to nest DIVs within DIVS and provide complete control over the placement of controls on the web form.

The O4W Form Designer will also support controls for toolbars, buttons, content layout, form elements, lists, images and tabs.  The Properties for each of these controls will be maintained in the Property Panel.

As someone that like to create interfaces that both look pretty on the eye and which are easy to navigate and use, this is another major step forward for web development for the OpenInsight and MultiValue communities.

You can learn more at the forthcoming RevUK RUG and OI10 product awareness training to be held in London at the end of September and then again at the main Revelation Conference in early 2016.

OI10whiteI will shortly be writing to everyone that have, thus far, registered for the RUG and the OI10 Product Awareness Training with the venue details.  The interest in the OI10 training has been much better than I had expected and we are finalising details for a larger venue.

We now only have a handful of places left for the training, so please email me as soon as possible if you would like to grab one of the last remaining places.  Remember, this is a one off offer to get a head start on what OI10 has to offer and to better prepare yourself for the move to this new major release.

One or two people have asked me about future dates for the training.  We are taking advantage of having Mike over from the US for the week and Sprezzatura are releasing Carl for the training as well.  Any future dates will therefore form the usual one day RUG session with a quick overview of OpenInsight at that point and future direction.  For this reason, if you are unable to make this training session and you wish to take advantage of getting a head start with regards to OI10, I would advise you to watch out for details of the main Revelation Conference that is held in the USA.  That will be your next opportunity to bring yourself right up to speed on the toolset from the developers themselves.


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