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OpenInsight 10 Login Screen

Those of you on OpenInsight WORKS should have received an email from me this morning with regards to the next London based RUG and the OpenInsight 10 training that we are offering.

As I have mentioned previously, the OpenInsight 10 release will be the largest release in recent times and, going by what I saw and learned at the conference, arguably the biggest since OpenInsight was initially released.

Along with a huge amount of new features, enhancements and code changes, there are considerations to take into account when making the move to OpenInsight 10.  For this reason, we have set aside three full days whilst Mike is in the UK in September to cover as much of the new release as the time allows and a morning for one on one meetings with Mike.

The schedule therefore consists of:

  • Tue 29th Sept – AM only – RUG – Free of Charge
  • Tue 29th Sept – PM – OpenInsight 10 Training.
  • Wed 30th Sept – All Day – OpenInsight 10 Training.
  • Thu 1st Oct – All Day – OpenInsight 10 Training.
  • Fri 2nd Oct – AM only – One on One OI 10 meetings by appointment

As noted above, the RUG will be free to attend as usual and the venue will be announced shortly.  There will be a small charge of £500.00 per person for the OI 10 training and this is being discounted to £400.00 for reservations placed prior to the 7th August 2015.

I am already getting people asking for more details and to reserve places, so please contact if you wish to reserve your place on either the RUG or the OI 10 training course.  Please note in your email which you wish to reserve a place for.

Please note that there will be a very limited number of one on one meetings available with Mike and myself on the Friday morning.  These will need to be booked with me prior to the event and the time will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Some of you will know that I got involved with Ardbrook and their O4W based ESS system sometime ago.  From the fledgling system that I took over to Ireland for them to review, Bill and the team at Ardbrook have taken the system and enhanced it to become a very functional system used by some prestigious names.

Until recently Ardbrook’s myESS SAAS for payslips and P60s were only available to employees calculated through Ardbrook’s EuroPay product but Ardbrook have recently extended its availability

Ardbrook can now take payslips from their other payroll offering PayDay(as well as other payroll systems). Ardbrook basically takes an electronic copy of the payslip file, converts it and loads it onto the website for access by the associated employees using Ardbrook’s payslip design so as not to infringe any copyrights.

Ardbrook has now made this feature available to employees calculated using other payroll packages, including UK payrolls. Ardbrook is currently working on this for a client with a large UK workforce.

Ardbrook is willing to develop others as required.

OpenInsight 10 Login Screen

I am pleased to announce that Mike Ruane will be over from the USA for the week commencing 28th September 2015 and this will be a very special week for anyone working with OpenInsight in the EMEA region.

The week is still in the planning stage at the moment and I will be writing to my OpenInsight developers in the region shortly with more details.  However, we plan to hold our usual RUG meeting on the Tuesday morning (29th September 2015) and this will be followed by a very special OpenInsight 10 training session over the next couple of days (afternoon of the 29th and then all day on the 30th and 31st September).

There was a mountain of information provided at the recent Revelation World Conference in Texas and I hope to share just a small overview of this information during the training sessions on offer.

The plan is therefore to hold the usual RUG meeting during the Tuesday morning, running up to lunchtime.  This will be a free to attend session and it will provide everyone with an opportunity to hear about how Revelation are doing, plans for the future, etc.  I also hope that Mike will provide us with a very brief overview of the OpenInsight 10 release.

Everyone will be welcome to have lunch with us at the conference centre and then we will change from the usual RUG schedule to begin a more in depth look at OpenInsight 10.  This afternoon session and the next two days (Wednesday and Thursday) will be given over to getting deeper into the forthcoming OpenInsight 10 release.  Both Mike and Carl will be on hand to take you through the massive changes to the API, the Presentation Layer and the Universal Driver, as well as Performance Enhancements, new System Admin Tools, etc. etc.  In addition, Mike will discuss the options for the conversion process and how you can have your data tables optimised as part of the process – getting to OpenInsight 10 is not a simple one click upgrade!!!

There will be a charge for the two and half day training session, but based on what I learned at the conference earlier this year, it will be well worth the expense and time.  If you are a professional OpenInsight developer, a professional MultiValue developer or you head up an OI or MV based development team, this is a three day event that you cannot afford to miss.

Granted, you could dive into the beta software or the full release when it is available, but the changes are wide and varied.  For example, Carl alone spoke for over four hours at the conference, covering the Form Designer and Presentation Layer changes.  Mike took the best part of three hours to run through the OpenInsight 10 overview and the conversion process and there were over 20 hours of facts, features, statistics, enhancements and more.

I therefore highly recommend that you consider this training session to make sure that you and your business is best prepared for the new version and that you can get the most from it for yourself, your business and more importantly your clients.

This is the most significant release since Revelation took OpenInsight into the 32-bit world.  Use this one time opportunity to get ahead of the game and be better prepared for this ground breaking OpenInsight release.

To register your interest in either the RUG or the training session (or both), please email  I am expecting the RUG  places to fill very quickly, so please don’t delay.

OI10whiteIt is hard to believe that OpenInsight 7.2 was released nearly a decade ago and that the last of the runtime releases (version 8.0.8) is now over 6 years old.  Given that a lot of software has a shelf life of just a few years these days and support for early versions even less, it is amazing that we still have people deploying and running these older versions of OpenInsight.

I guess that it continues to show how solid and reliable OpenInsight based solutions are, despite an ever changing world with regards to operating systems, connectivity and progress in general across the IT industry.  OpenInsight just keeps pace with the changes and it seems to just take things in its stride.

However, given the age of these products it really is time to be looking at OpenInsight 9.x and especially with the ground breaking OpenInsight 10 just around the corner.  I am pleased that many of my clients have made the move to 9.x in recent times and those that have not yet made the leap, are making plans.

With most people on or moving to 9.x, the news about the forthcoming Runtime and Universal Driver price increase (that Revelation announced a few weeks ago) will not be of any concern whatsoever, afterall 9.x prices remain as they were when OI 9.0 was released way back in January 2009.

However, if you are still working with or deploying OpenInsight 8.0.8 or older, please be advised that the prices for the runtime licenses (new licenses and bumps) and the Universal Driver and upgrades will be increasing from 1st August 2015.  Please contact your local Revelation representative for further details and please remember to keep this date in mind when providing your customers with license quotations.

Off Topic

Bay City Bridge

I have been a little quiet on the blog recently and this is mostly because I was away for the latter part of last month in California and also because the guys are quiet, but very busy at the moment working on OpenInsight version 10.

However, I have three postings for this week – This post, one regarding pricing and more details about Mike’s visit in September.

This first posting is a little off topic but a number of you have been asking where I disappeared to last month and where you can see some of my images from the trip.

I was extremely fortunate to have been given the chance to go on a road trip around California with one of the leading landscape and cityscape photographers.  Paul has received numerous awards and I have been a keen follower of his work over the last year or so and I joined him on a trip from Las Vegas, through Death Valley, Mammouth Lakes, Tahoe, Yosemite and up to San Francisco.

The weather was far from normal but it did present us with some great images from the trip.  It was only at San Francisco that we suffered from the bad weather, so a couple of bad shooting days out of 12 was not bad.

For those of you that are interested, you can see the results of my early starts and late finishes on my Flickr channel.  I’ll be uploading an image a day for he next couple of weeks.

OI10whiteSRP have just published their second blog article which follows up on the recent Revelation Conference in Houston, USA.  This posting looks at the brand new IDE and it gives a nice report of one of the tools that will be of the most interest to all OpenInsight developers.

The posting can be found on SRP’s blog posting here,


Java Library for OpenInsight Access (oiJio)

Java LogoRevelation Software’s Java library for OpenInsight access, oiJio, allows Java developers to connect with an OpenInsight OEngineServer, perform basic file i/o, and invoke Basic+ routines. Communication can be performed in “stateful” or “stateless” mode.

In stateless mode, a client connects to the engine server, makes its request, receives any results, and then disconnects; in this fashion, the OEngine is available for subsequent requests from the same, or different, client. This provides the most efficient throughput for multiple users.

Conversely, in stateful mode, the Java client will connect to the engine server, make one or more requests, receiving any results, and maintain its connection until the session is complete, at which point it should disconnect. Because the client does not disconnect after each request, additional requests from other clients must “consume” additional OEngines; this method, then, provides a simpler interface at the expense of scalability.

In addition, in stateful mode, developers can choose to run in either synchronous or asynchronous mode. In asynchronous mode, the oengine can generate events which the client must handle.

Examples of the different modes are illustrated in the sample code, contained in the included file.  Click here to get the download.

Did you know…that OpenInsight 10.0 will support High DPI? 

With the increasing popularity of high-resolution monitors, one of the biggest usability problems today is the display size of text and UI controls, because they appear smaller as the screen resolution increases.

The recommended advice to overcome this is to increase the DPI (dots-per-inch) setting of the system, thereby enlarging these elements and making them easier to see and read.  If you have been using Windows Vista and above you have probably already seen this Control Panel applet that allows you to easily change your DPI settings:

Checkout Revelation’s Knowledgebase for more details.

The 25th February 2015 edition of DBTA magazine featured an article titled ‘MultiValue Vendors Pushing Boundaries’ which features Revelation Software and Mike Ruane.

There are always new buzzwords coming along. But whether you call it “SMAC” or “CAMS,” there is no doubt that today the confluence of trends (analytics, cloud, social, and mobile) is proving to be a disruptive force that is causing many to reassess their approaches to data management.

Over the years, MultiValue technologies have evolved and adapted, pushing boundaries in order to integrate with new data sources and targets, address new analytics needs, and keep pace with emerging requirements. This has enabled customers to continue to rely on their trusted, and often highly specialized, MultiValue applications and data management systems.

Revelation’s website has a link to the full DBTA article and links ot the various speakers thoughts.

As I suspected, the big hitters are already putting pen to paper.  Sprezz blogged early this morning and SRP have followed equally as quickly during their morning.

SRP’s article is an initial posting that is the precursor to some more technical reviews to come and I plan to link to those from my blog with Don’s permission.

The initial article focuses on the perceived timeline and is based on the work done already and the work still to be done.  The only thing that I will add is that I have watched the progress and I know that a lot of the product development had to wait until some of the key underlying work was done.  I understand that this has now been done and that the OI10 team has widened and the development is now going at a pace – as Mike has told me several times, the product is changing hourly now.

This following statement is pure supposition but I liken the development timeline to the global population growth chart that we will all recognise and shown above.  I believe that we are now onto the vertical path and that development will produce more and more over the coming weeks leading up to the Q3 beta release.  It is that long horizontal line period that resulted in the slippage and the things that the team could not yet show at the conference.

SRP’s predicted timeline may well prove to be correct and VARs will no doubt want to wait for the first or second point release, but I hope that we will be surprised.  Whichever proves to be the case, I do wholeheartedly agree with SRP’s thought about keeping your own development going in the current versions of OpenInsight and not waiting for OI10.  It is always a mistake to put software development projects on hold whilst awaiting the next innovation.

I would also urge those of you running on OI 7.x and 8.x to seriously consider moving your systems to 9.4.  Whilst Mike indicated that we will be able to convert an OI 4.03 or later system, it makes sense to me to bring yourselves up to 9.4 and then take a smaller step into the OI 10 system with all of its changes.


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