So, this is more of a note to myself, more than anything but some of you might find this useful.

For the longest time, I have been battling with enabling and disabling Cut, Copy and Paste buttons in my applications. They were all handled on a per control basis with cumbersome code trying to work out how to set the buttons. I was never professional and never very good.

Enter OpenInsight 10 and the new EditStateChanged property, Carl’s OI10 blog posting on the subject and a lesson from Andrew about promoted events.

A couple of hours later (mostly learning and debugging, so most of you would do this in 5 minutes), I now have a system where the Cut, Copy and Paste buttons are correctly enabling and disabling based on the state of the system. For example, you select some text and the Copy and Cut buttons enable. You clear the Windows Clipboard and the Paste button disables.

OpenInisght 10 really is making building Windows desktop and web applications easier and easier.

2 thoughts on “EditStateChanged

  1. George Sichelstiel


    I’m looking forward to seeing your new OI10 DEMO app. Do you have an ETA? I have exhausted using the existing EXAMPLES app.

    A fellow Junior Programmer and thank you for motivating me to pick up the guitar after 25 years.


    1. Hi George, great news about the guitar. I am struggling with really slow progress and finding time to practice right now, but I am enjoying the jorney. With regards to the app. I copy has very recently gone to Mike and I am currently waiting to hear how RevUs plan to release it to the community. I assume that they will post something in the next newsletter or on the WORKS discussion board, but that will be RevUs’s decision.

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