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Please be advised that Revelation Software UK will be closed on Friday 18th and Monday 21st April 2014 for the Easter bank holiday weekend.

I will personally be watching my email over the weekend (from time to time) and I would request that you drop me an email for anything urgent.  However, not being technical, I will not be able to assist quickly for any technical issues, but I will do what I can.

As you will no doubt be aware by now, some of the highlights of the forthcoming OpenInsight 10 release include the Cloud Based Base Filing System (CBBFS) that will initially support Couchbase in the cloud, support for GIT, and OpenInsight’s new Authorisation Module (OAM). Mike covered all of these new technologies in detail during his Australia and New Zealand road trip and we will have to wait until September to see these new technologies in action here in London.

However, for those of you who cannot wait and who need just a little more information, Mike has kindly let me have his presentations to share with you. These include slides that touch on what the technologies are, what they do for OpenInsight developers and how they work in OpenInsight. The presentations include a number of screenshots and then Mike went into live demos of the technologies.

We cannot replicate those demos in the presentations, so please drop me an email to reserve your place on the EMEA RUG in London on the 23rd of September to learn more and to request a copy of the presentations, which I will email to you by return of email (or as soon as possible).

Mike’s recent visit to Australia and New Zealand has really raised the OpenInsight 10 profile and some of the amazing things that Revelation will be delivering within that new version early in 2015.  He’ll be over here in London for the EMEA region’s leg of his world tour this year, so please put Tuesday 23rd September in your diary today.

Mike will be at the Hilton Doubletree hotel in Ealing, London on the 23rd September to headline our next Revelation User Group (RUG) meeting.  He’ll be talking about all the good things in OI 10, updating us on where the company is at that time and further plans for the future – the usual popular agenda.  But, it will be OI10 that will steal the show and I’m also hoping to have Carl Pates at the RUG to talk about his work on the OI 10 presentation layer, which is seeing some huge, dramatic and quite wonderful changes.

Please drop me an email to register your interest for the RevUK RUG on the 23rd September.

Mike will be flying into London on the Monday and he’ll be free to visit people on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning if not too far from London.  I already have some meeting pencilled in, so please get in touch as quickly as possible if you wish Mike to address your development team whilst over here and to discuss business matters with your management team and your future requirements from OI.

For those of you that cannot wait to learn more about the new release and the highlights of what Mike was saying whilst in Australia and New Zealand recently, please checkout the trips wrap here.

FS133 or SSP248 errors

We have recently received a small number of support queries regarding errors on Windows 7 workstations while using Windows Server 2008. These errors appear with an error message FS133 or SSP245 when doing a COPY_TABLE.

Revelation are aware of this issue and they have published a Knowledge Base article which explains this in much more detail how to address the error messages:

DBTAMike’s recent trip to Australia and New Zealand was a huge success and this success has been picked up by Database Trends and Application (DBTA).  The key topics on the agenda were OpenInsight 10′s cloud base filing system which will support Couchbase form the off and there are plans to extend that to include MongoDB and most likely Windows Azure shortly after.  Mike also spoke about OpenInsight’s new user authentication and security controls coming in version 10.

The positive impact on those people that Mike spoke to was enormous.   To the point, where most of the developers and users that are running 9.4 at the moment actually wanted to get their hands on OpenInsight version 10 right now, rather than waiting for the expected launch in Houston during March 2015.

Please click here to view the entire DBTA article published online.

The article also touches on Mike’s planned trip to the UK for the next EMEA RUG.  I’ll be blogging more details about that trip early next week, so please watch the blog closely.

More and more people running old ARev and early OpenInsight based systems are seeing the benefits and needs of modernising their systems.  Not only does this future proof these systems going forward, but it often enables developers to better and more easily integrate with more modern hardware.  This reduces the risk of trying to find replacement units or parts for obsolete equipment or sourcing unsupported hardware and software.

SRP Computer Solutions have recently helped one of their clients to modernise by embracing thin client technologies, with USB wedge barcode scanners and one of their connection controls.

Click here to read the full article that SRP have recently published on the project.

OpenInsight v10.0 will introduce a Cloud Based Filing System (CBBFS) which will allow the OpenInsight toolset to operate on data stored in Couchbase which is one of several cloud databases. A cloud database is an internet accessible NoSQL database key/value store. A key/value store is one which returns an entire document in response to a request for a key. The most popular vendors structure their documents as marked up text. OpenInsight’s native data storage is a key/value store which stores data as marked up text. OpenInsight is a natural fit as a toolset for working with these databases. The CBBFS connector will translate the OpenInsight markup scheme to the markup scheme of Couchbase which is JSON.

To read more on NoSQL database technology click HERE.

Windows Powershell

Did you know…That the Windows Powershell scripting environment in Windows Server 2012 can be used to install several Windows features that are required by OpenInsight and O4W.

Typically these features are accessed through the ‘Roles and Features’ screen which requires you to search several steps in an installation wizard to find the appropriate roles and features to activate. This Knowledgebase artcile walks you through accessing the Powershell environment and issuing the commands in several easy steps to add the required roles and features.

OpenInisght Git

Firstly, Happy New Year to all of you that I have not yet caught up with since returning from the Christmas and New Year break.  It has been a busy few weeks since we started back and my lack of blog postings is far from an indication that things are quiet – in fact I have just been too busy with work and personal things to spend time writing blog postings.

No excuse I know and Revelations newsletter that hit my inbox overnight was a welcome poke to get back on here.  So, today’s posting is directly from the January 2014 newsletter:

OpenInsight Git is an interface from OpenInsight to the Git source code management system. It will be included in OpenInsight 10.0.

Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.
You can read more about Git on its web site at HTTP://WWW.GIT-SCM.COM.

For many, source code management is a black art reserved for large corporations who have hundreds of developers. You may think that source code management systems are complicated, involve many steps that have nothing to do with writing code and generally get in the way of being productive. And, for the most part, you would be right.
OpenInsight Git has been designed to be as painless and transparent as possible. There are rules that you will need to follow, but for the most part there are many benefits to using source code management software such as:

  1. Backup of your source code
  2. Version Control
  3. Change Control
  4. Collaboration with developers remote to your location

OpenInsight Git has been designed to integrate OpenInsight’s development tools with the Git source code management software (SCM). However,there is no reason why OpenInsight Git cannot work with other SCM’s such as Subversion or Mercurial.

OpenInsight Git’s philosophy is simple; it mirrors your OpenInsight source code, stored procedures, windows, messages, help etc. as text files in windows directories. From there, your chosen source code management system does the rest.

Most of you will only use a fraction of the features that Git or any SCM offers. And that’s ok. The important thing is to start using an SCM as soon as possible. From a one man developer to a team of tens or hundreds of developers, using an SCM should become part of your daily work routine.

IIS, O4W & Server 2008

The O4W Quick Start Guide is the place to begin your O4W journey.  It includes details of configuring Internet Information Services (IIS) on a developer’s workstation (laptop, or whatever) for the running and development of a web system using O4W.

Revelation have also published a knowledge base article on configuring IIS on a Windows 2008 server for use with O4W.  This document will be hugely useful for anyone looking to deploy their O4w application to a live production web server.

The full article can be found by Clicking Here.


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